Body Protection
For the body protection, we have in the offering disposable lab coat for medical professionals. The white, knee length coat can be worn over the clothes to protect the clothes from accidental spills of chemicals, pharma solutions or germs.
Face Protection
Here is a range of face protection products that can be worn easily by healthcare workers, patients as well as general public. Two different types of masks are available which feature low breathing resistance and splash resistance.
Foot Protection
As we walk in a clean room or an operation theatre, it is mandatory to cover your feet to prevent bringing the dirt, dust and germs on the shoes. The foot protection products, like shoe cover are the best and most economical products.
Hand Protection
Whether you work in a hospital, workshop or a factory, there are strict guidelines to follow to ensure personnel protection. Hand protection can be assured by wearing the right kind of gloves based on the area of work.
Head Protection
In our range of head protection products, we have caps for medical personnel and general public. The caps are one-time use caps that can be worn easily and are soft on the skin.

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